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article / 03 May 2017

What you don’t know about Alzheimer’s Disease

Talking Lifestyle

Talking Lifestyle

When most people think of Alzheimer’s Disease, they often think of a very sudden and dramatic worsening of symptoms such as forgetfulness, difficulty thinking, memory loss and clumsiness, a disease acquired over several months or years.

The reality is, Alzheimer’s Disease is decades in the making, and for many often has a 30 year timeline, beginning long before any symptoms present. For a long period, many people with the disease will have no idea what is happening in their brains and will live their lives normally, until symptoms of dementia arise.

Alzheimer’s develops from a slow build up a protein, known as Amyloid plaque, which accumulates between the nerve cells in the brain. This protein will build up – often over a 15 year period without any symptoms – until it reaches a point known as the ‘Amyloid cascade’, at which a person will often begin to experience a range of common Alzheimer’s symptoms.

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