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article / 07 Jul 2017

Boost your odds of becoming pregnant

Talking Lifestyle

Talking Lifestyle

Sometimes it’s not easy to start a family.

Dr Bronwyn Devine is considered one of Australia’s leading fertility specialists and gynaecologists. She is passionate about helping parents achieve their dreams of creating a family, however difficult or complex the fertility issues they face.

What is Infertility?

Infertility refers to an inability to conceive a pregnancy. In Australia, 85% of couples having regular intercourse will have conceived within a 12 month period. The remaining 15% are infertile or sub-fertile. Globally about 80 million women and a similar number of men suffer infertility.

How do I assess my fertility?

The best confirmation of fertility is conceiving and giving birth to a healthy baby but up until that point if you want to have your fertility “checked” there are simple tests you can have to give you a guide. For women, this involves seeing your doctor or health practitioner and having a blood test and an ultrasound. For men, a simple sperm test is a good place to start.

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