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article / 21 Apr 2017

Ankle sprains are unsurprisingly common

Talking Lifestyle

Talking Lifestyle

Many of us have experienced it – when teetering in sky-high heels and turning an ankle inwards, when kicking the soccer ball at a crooked angle or a misstepping down the stairs late at night, or perhaps when chasing a runaway skateboard and slipping on wet leaves – all amounting to a twisted and swollen ankle, otherwise known as a sprain.

Ankle sprains are unsurprisingly common; causing 10% of all emergency department visits and up to 20% of all sporting injuries. Nevertheless, despite being a common injury, there are still conflicting ideas of what should be done when a person presents with an ankle sprain.

According to Dr William Edwards from the Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Centre of Victoria, there are very few scenarios where the first response should be to “walk it off” or “play on”. More often than not, the best thing to do for any sprain is to rest the ankle whilst elevating and apply ice to the area, then assessing for a lasting injury.

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