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What is Healthshare?

Healthshare is Australia’s leading digital health platform, empowering Australians to make better health choices. We do this by connecting our users with local, credible and relevant health practitioners, products and health information.


Better Health Choices

The platform includes functionality to allow users to ask questions and get personalised information from Australian health care practitioners, follow health topics that are of interest and find and book appointments with health practitioners. Over the coming weeks and months Healthshare will be launching additional functionality to support our mission.


Leading Contributors

With 80% of Australians seeking health information online, Healthshare's platform offers a revolutionary solution to finding local, credible and relevant health information and an ability to identify qualified practitioners. Contributors on the site include over 100 of Australia's leading not-for-profit health organisations including beyondblue, Diabetes Australia and Heart Foundation. Over 5,000 Australian health professionals including Gastroenterologists, Cardiologists, Ear Nose & throat Specialists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, General Practitioners, Psychologists, Dieticians, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Nutritionists, Diabetes Educators, Exercise Physiologists and more are also contributing.

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Digital Healthcare Platform

Health is a complex area with differing views, even when these views are backed by significant research and evidence. Healthshare is not seeking to provide a "single source of truth" and make judgements or provide advice on the right course of action. Healthshare is seeking to provide a platform for our users where we can surface information and points of view, organise it well for people to find and see, make it clear what the source of the information is and then allow our users to assess it and make their own, better informed choices. These choices may be around when to see a practitioner, which practitioner to see, what changes they want to make to their lifestyle or what products they may want to use.

Our Mission

Our mission at Healthshare is to empower Australians to make better health choices.

We’re committed to our stakeholders:

Australian health consumers who use Healthshare to connect with local, credible and relevant health practitioners, information and products

Health & medical practitioners who want to better serve existing patients, find new ones and build their professional reputations by demonstrating their depth of knowledge online

Not-for-profits who partner with Healthshare to publish credible evidence-based health information and increase awareness about their health area(s) and local support groups

Sponsors who use Healthshare’s regulatory compliant online tools to improve communications about their products and services

"Healthshare is determined to empower Australians to make better health choices anytime and from anywhere."

How it all started

Healthshare was established in 2010 because our founders struggled to find the right health information and health practitioners when a number of their family members needed to address serious health issues. Thankfully they got to the right outcomes eventually, but in the process, they realised that there were ways in which the Internet could be used to support Australians in similar circumstances. They created Healthshare to provide smart solutions to pain points for the community.

Taking on
Dr Google

Our personal experience and research showed that it was difficult to find straightforward, relevant and, crucially, trustworthy answers to personal health questions online. Healthshare’s use of named health care practitioners means you can be sure of the information you are given.

Finding the right health professional

Online directories are often out-of-date and contain little helpful information to assist you in choosing the right practitioner. On Healthshare, we constantly update details so you can browse and choose a health care practitioner to suit you with confidence.

Increasing awareness of health conditions

Healthshare allows over 100 not-for-profit health organisations a unique platform to showcase their expertise, debunk common health myths and direct people to local support groups.

Engaging in the conversation

Our controlled and professional program allows quality health research and therapeutic goods to be promoted to their target audience, away from the uncontrolled chaos of social media advertising.