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    How can I control my emotions without anti depressants?

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    I have what doctors like to call triggered depression anxiety. I was medicated all through my teens and came off medication with the help from the only doctor that would help and a counsellor, and would use other methods to control my anxiety. For years I haven't been able to properly express emotions, especially crying. I have had a number if events occur in the last 3 months that have caused me to feel loss of control that I'm crying and stressed and its happening at work. Been using herbal calms and also sleeping tablets ( also herbal) in extreme cases my partner will give me half a Xanax ( 5mg normally ) to ease. I have explained to new doctors I do not wish for anti depressants but for other methods... Or something I can use temporarily to gain control... They told me to talk to a psychiatrist but then refuse to give me a number or referral as they think I will just abuse addictive drugs after I admitted to the half Xanax, they think I'm just after a Xanax prescription. Help?

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    Maybe it would help if you worked with a clinical psychologist (or similar mental health professional) who has experience of using mindfulness/meditation methods with his/her clients.

    Mindfulness/meditation involves learning to notice, without judging, that emotions just are - they are not good nor bad, they come and they go, but they do not define you.

    My clinical psychologist taught me mindfulness/meditation methods - I have found them very helpful and hope that the same might be true for you.
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    There are things that you can do to alleviate depression. It is something that you would want to discuss with your GP or psychiatrist, whoever is prescribing the medications.

    Certainly maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet, getting good sleep, plenty of fresh air, explaining the role of serotonin and the importance of getting yourself pleasurable activities that can counteract feelings of depression.

    Once again, physical exercise is important. It might be gentle things like yoga, it might be more energetic sorts of exercise, but maintaining some physical exercise will help alleviate depression.

    All of those things can compliment pharmacological intervention, but would need to be discussed as a total health care plan with the GP or the psychiatrist prescribing.

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